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Airborne Data Acquisition


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Our vision at ADAcq is to provide cost-effective and actionable data to businesses with the use of cutting-edge drone technology and improving your productivity and bottom line. Airborne Data Acquisition is CASA certified and insured.

Our staff at ADAcq are trained on the latest software and all of our pilots are highly trained and fully licensed. We work closely with CASA and professionals in several industries to ensure ADAcq provides you with safe and professional service.

RPA’s (remotely piloted aircraft) is quickly becoming one of the largest growing sectors in Australian business. ADAcq’s stable of aircraft is capable of performing many tasks from asset inspection right through to inspecting crops with thermal imaging. It won’t be long before drones are doing everything from walking your dog to delivering your daily groceries.

I’m sure you have noticed there isn’t a commercial or tv program without drone footage these days. The fascination with RPA is not limited to photography and videography. Our drones carry multi-spectral cameras capable of scanning a farmers crop and showing where the crop isn’t performing as well as it could long before you can see it with the naked eye allowing the farmer time to take corrective measures to increase his yield and save it from possible losses.

ADAcq’s drones are also fitted with FLIR thermal imaging cameras. Thermal imaging can be used in search and rescue to find missing people or scan a property looking for feral pest and livestock. Another new and exciting use for drone-mounted thermal cameras is scanning crops looking for water stress. Just like you and me when a plant starts to stress one of the first symptoms is a rise in surface temperature. ADAcq’s cutting edge thermal cameras can see this change and alert the farmer to the area of concern. Building inspections can be performed looking for heat loss and water leaks. Asset inspection has benefited greatly through innovative techniques like inspecting roads looking for underground pipe leaks and bridge inspections looking for delamination’s in the concrete before safety becomes a concern.

  • Geo-Referenced Ortho Maps

  • Asset Inspection

  • Precision Agriculture

  • Thermal Imaging

  • 3D Modelling

  • Environmental Monitoring

  • Digital Surface Maps

  • Volumetrics

These are just a few samples of the types of work ADA does and there is limitless potential, so contact us to discuss how we can help you.